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The Career Discovery Report is very easy to understand. You will know your Intelligence type, personality type

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  1. Choose from a list of 150+ professions based upon your intelligence type
  2. Decide your career fit as per your personality & interest
  3. Blindly choose Top-3 Careers specific to you
  4. Find out how fit are you in various career domains
  5. Use the report to take your next career decision with confidence
  6. Save precious time, energy, and hard-earned money

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N Shubhankar

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You are here because you are confused.

You are not able to decide

You are doing a course but you can’t say it’s the right thing for you.  You don’t know what to do next. You don’t know the scope. You feel your future is uncertain. You fear failure. What if your decision goes wrong? And, what about your life goals & dreams.

 But don’t worry, you are not alone.

This can happen even after you get a job. After a few years of working, people realize that this was not their career. They wanted to do something else.

You can take help

You can’t decide because you are not aware of yourself. You are not aware of various careers. You want to come out of this situation. Many people have taken help from us

How your career will be the Best

"Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it."
Katharine Whitehorn
journalist, columnist, author and radio presenter, University of Cambridge

Step1- Find out your interests

When you are in a career, you have to do some activities. If you don’t enjoy them, you can’t carry your career for your entire life.  You must know your interests.  Your interests help you keep going

Step 2- Find out your personality type

If you are an accounting expert and investigative by personality, you must become an auditor. But if you are conventional, you will be successful as an accounts officer.

You want to become a teacher and you are not social.  How will you know if your students are understanding or not? You better choose the research profession after your Ph. D.

Step 3- Find out your intelligence type

In careers you are hired by your employer, your clients, or your customers. They hire you for what you are good at. If you are not good at what you do, they don’t hire you. They hire you to solve their problems. Find out what type of problems you can solve. This is called your intelligence type.

Doing what you are good at will give you a sense of fulfillment. Intelligence gives purpose to your career

Step 4-Find out-Who pays?

Once you complete the first 3 steps, find out who will pay you? What are the careers which can utilize your interests, intelligence type and personality,  all in unison

What can you do?

1. Do it yourself

Spend time alone

Introspect. Discover yourself , who you are. Find your interests, intelligence, personality, careers by deep reasarch

It may take a lot of time. May be months. Or years

You will waste time. and may loose hopes

or 2. Visit a career counselor

Why waste time?

The counselor will give you 3/ 4/ 5 tests. Then a couple of 1:1 sessions. You will have to visit his office

He will give you a complicated report. You will never read it.

Fairly accurate results. You will pay him a BIG FEE

What if the SMART Test does it all for you

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"Start"- make this your life-changing moment like Amol

"I was struggling with my life due to my career. My life changed that night. Now I am doing what I love the most"
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-08 at 09.44.20
Amol Patil

It was 9 pm. I was lying on my bed. I was looking at my mobile with swollen eyes. The soft pillows were hurting my neck. I could not sleep for the last 3 days. I lost my job of 11 years. I worked for a top print media company in India. My job was to ensure all the ads get a spot in the next day’s newspaper.

I slogged like a donkey.

I could hardly spend time with my baby. I never took my wife on a travel holiday. My job sucked my life out of me. I was carrying my stress back home every day. My 11 years. They said I am not fit for this. I was scrolling my mobile. I suddenly saw ONLINENEWTON. Career guys. I thought of giving it a try. I had little savings.

I wanted to change my life.

They gave me a test. It was quick. I got the report within minutes on my mobile. I got shocked after looking at the report. I looked at the corner of my room. My cricket pads were hanging, wrapped by dust for the last many years. I used to be a cricket player. I represented my team. 2 days a week on the ground. Those were the days. My top career was in sports.

How do they know so much about me?

My 2nd option was into IT. I suddenly realized that I am a BCA and a certified SAP specialist. How passionate I was about computers. And what was I doing for 11 years? They took one moment to ask me to go. It opened my eyes.

I was not doing what I loved.

I decided to start Data Science. Today I am doing a paid project while doing my course. Soon a job.

That night when I was scrolling my mobile, my life changed forever.

Our clients are taking life-changing decisions after interacting with us
07:52 18 Jan 22
It was very informative session. I gained a lot of knowledge & insights about different career options available across India related to my field. It was worthwhile my time. Must go for it! 👍
Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra
04:32 13 Jan 22
I have experienced a very professional , precise and detailed interaction with the mentor to whom I interacted. They have quite apt knowledge of each field and provide multiple career option which fits according to your ability and situation . I really got clarity after that interaction.
Yogesh singh chauhan
Yogesh singh chauhan
04:42 11 Jan 22
The advisory is really good and I'm literally glad to know myself for choosing careers ahead!
Shivam Jha
Shivam Jha
12:20 30 Nov 21
I m really happy after talking to u .Now I can take right decisions regarding my career. Thanku for clearing my all confusion
tanvi kasera
tanvi kasera
12:43 17 Oct 21
I came across online Newton on Instagram and I enrolled myself for the counselling. It was a great experience and Mr. Tushar helped me a lot in choosing a suitable career option for me. I was really confused to make a choice but the psychometric test and his guidance helped me in getting sorted with the choice.
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Frequently asked questions and we get many more

The price is Rs199/. The original price is Rs999

The report is based upon psychometric test answers. The output is more than 96% accurate if you answer with complete honesty. The test and report software is developed by expert psychometricians and career experts. It has been validated by over 1200 students.

When you click, it will take you to the cart. You will add to the cart and pay through a very secured Razorpay payment gateway. You can use, a credit/ debit card, UPI, Netbanking for processing the payment.

As soon as you pay, the test will appear immediately within a few moments. You can give the test on the same screen on your computer or mobile phone. You will submit the test there itself.

When you submit the test, you will get the report on the same screen within a few seconds. It’s very quick and you get the outcome in seamlessly.

Yes, you can take a printout of the report. You can also save the report as a pdf file on your computer or mobile phone for further use.

This is a SMART test. Finding out your interests and passions is done by the test and you need not have to worry about it anymore. It will ask you questions in a very simple way. You will submit your interests and passions in the test knowing or unknowingly.

This is the best time to take up this test. We strongly recommend to first choose your career. Then choose your degrees and then choose your subjects. Since you will have to choose your subjects next year, you will be able to choose subjects, streams fit for your career. This way you don’t waste time by doing wrong degrees and choosing wrong subjects. 

Yes, the test will identify your interests, intelligence type, and personality type. Based upon these 3 factors it will give you your Top-3 careers. You can start working for those careers by upgrading yourself with a PG degree a diploma or a certificate. You can do internships and certificate courses which will increase your chances of success further in your chosen career.

Yes, even if you are already in a job and want to make a career decision to change your field or chances of promotions, the test will help you. Once you get your Top 3 career options, you need to make a decision. If the 3 options are from the same field as your current field, you need to get into the details of your job. Take up more responsibilities at your work, even if it’s for no increase in salary. Once you have some experience in the new responsibilities, you should claim a promotion.

If your Top 3 careers are not in the same field. You should plan to change your field and job. Be careful and do this with proper planning. You can upgrade yourself to get a diploma or a new degree for a new career. Once you have it, apply for a new career.

Yes, the report will show you options of 33 career domains including sports, music, stage artist, etc.

Your parents want the best life for you. They want you to be successful and happy. They asked you to do engineering because they think it’s a sure formula of success. But today there are huge opportunities. The success of your career depends upon your right choice. Every career requires different abilities and personalities. If your abilities and personality match with the career requirements, you get success. The test will help you in finding these attributes. It will even capture your interests and give you a tour Top 3 careers. You can decide to upgrade yourself suitable to the career you choose out of the 3 options.

No, we don’t save a copy of the report on our server. The software is designed in such a way as to keep the site light and fast.

It’s surprisingly easy and very quick. Within 20 minutes, you get to know your best 3 career options. You can start your next step immediately. The test is very easy and quick. Many career counselors ask you to give long and multiple tests. The report you will get is very focused upon you. It’s very focused and very easy to understand. Others give Very BIG Reports which are big and complicated and nobody likes to read them. It’s super easy and very low cost. 

Our offer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You may write to us at [email protected] and request a refund.

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