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Discover the Right Career Path Now – In Just 20 Minutes!

Our Professional Pathway Test can help you discover your perfect career

Before paying BIF FEE to coaching classes and courses not fit for you

How does this work?

  • You give the simple 80 Questions Test
  • You  download Your Career Discovery Report on the same screen
  • Your Best Careers are on the last page.

Who will be benefited?

  • Students of High School/ University
  • Graduates, and post-graduates
  • People who want to change their current jobs
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Discover the Right Career Path Now – In Just 20 Minutes!


Are you a student, graduate, or post-graduate trying to find your best-fit career? Maybe you’re looking for a change from your current job but don’t know what direction to take. Or maybe you feel like the career path that you have chosen isn’t the right one for you.


Well, we have great news – our Professional Pathway Test can help you discover your perfect career without having to pay big fees to career counselors and it only takes 20 minutes of your time.


Is Professional Pathway Test Accurate?

The test is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory, which states that a person’s aptitude and intelligence lie in eight different areas. The test measures the strength of each area and evaluates the best-fit career based on the results. It is designed to be as accurate as possible, giving you trustworthy insights into your innate talents and abilities.


What to expect from this Test?

  • Designed by expert psychometricians with 80 questions to analyze your personality and traits
  • Career algorithm mapping these to 33 different career domains
  • Instant access to a beautiful 10-page Professional Pathway Report, highlighting the best career choices for you and scores of your innate strengths
  • Focus and purpose in life with the ideal tools to start your journey toward finding the perfect career!


Ready to Kick Start Your Career and Build Your Future?


Now get the success you deserve without spending a fortune or wasting time, our Professional Pathway Test is just what you need. In just 20 minutes, you can unlock the potential within yourself and create the future of your dreams. Take the first step on your journey to success today!


13 reviews for Professional Pathway Test

  1. Kanisha Jain

    Very Helpful,
    Yes, I wanted to say that I liked your session with kanisha the other day.I feel to get closer to help her select right career, and help her in knowing herself well.

  2. Paras Yadav

    It’s was great to have career advisors like you I am doing well in my filed and plans my career as you guide me.😊

  3. Anant Gunesh

    I’ve never come across to such a detailed analysis of my own self
    Amazing experience Kaka..
    I will definitely look upto these career preferences sometime in future

  4. S.Aditya

    The guidance provided by them has been very useful for us to decide the right subject stream for my son, who will appear for his secondary board exams this year. we found the use of psychometric test and one on one counselling a very scientific approach to assess his true interest and talent. we are especially thankful for all the information provided regarding different courses, institutions and career options available.

  5. Maya Singh

    My daughter was totally confused about her career. After she took the psychometric test, the report showed the top 3 career choices in which she would be most natural. The 10-page report was a very detailed one,explaining her natural tendencies. I am very satisfied and the report has helped us to plan in the direction of her career

  6. Prateek Karkare

    Very nice and detailed analysis. The guidance provided by online Newton is on point, practical and useful. Really helpful in making the right choices. The psychometric test based analysis is a great way to asses interests

  7. Manas Karkare

    I would highly recommend this test and session as it helped me a lot to discover what really matters to me personally and put my strength, weakness, hobbies
    into perspective while also considering job market and educational possibilities due to which I was able to choose right career for me.


    Thank you very much for the time you have spent with me for the career guidance of my daughter.

    I was really amazed how accurately you suggested a career path for my child that suits her passion too !

    The way you explained all the parameters of the psychometric test result, I was really astonished that my child has so many good hidden characteristics that I never knew about her.

    Thank you once again Sir!

  9. Neeta

    Thank you so much for your help and career guidance. It was extremely helpful for Natasha we are looking forward upon the advice. I would definitely tell my friends and colleagues to book an appointment with you if they need to. Thanks again for your insights.

  10. Shubhankar N

    I am pursuing ‘Design’ and super happy abt what am doing!

    The test is very accurate, quick and the results are surprising. It resonates with me and my younger sibling. It gives a list of specific job titles and conducts a personality analysis that is easy to understand.

    Really glad to have given the test by online newton.

    Thank you, coach!

  11. Sanika Gandhe

    It really helped me to know my strengths and areas for development. I also liked the way the outcome of the test was explained on the report, actually helped me to know myself better. I definitely recommend everyone to take this psychometric test before taking any decisions about the carrier. The report gives clarity based upon my strengths. Thank you Sir!

  12. Swetal Sanghvi

    Online Newton has really been helpful. My child wasn’t able to decide what to do next after 10th, the pyschometric test helped him by which he got 30+ career options and best 5 of them which he can opt. We are choosing our next process based upon the report.

  13. G V Rama Krishna

    Online Newton test is an excellent tool and has been very helpful. My child wasn’t able to decide what to do next after 10th, the pyschometric test helped her in choosing the career options provided after the test.

    Tushar is my college mate and has gone all out to help in providing the career options for kids. Kudos Tushar. Stay blessed.

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Customer Reviews
07:52 18 Jan 22
It was very informative session. I gained a lot of knowledge & insights about different career options available across India related to my field. It was worthwhile my time. Must go for it! 👍
Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra
04:32 13 Jan 22
I have experienced a very professional , precise and detailed interaction with the mentor to whom I interacted. They have quite apt knowledge of each field and provide multiple career option which fits according to your ability and situation . I really got clarity after that interaction.
Yogesh singh chauhan
Yogesh singh chauhan
04:42 11 Jan 22
The advisory is really good and I'm literally glad to know myself for choosing careers ahead!
Shivam Jha
Shivam Jha
12:20 30 Nov 21
I m really happy after talking to u .Now I can take right decisions regarding my career. Thanku for clearing my all confusion
tanvi kasera
tanvi kasera
12:43 17 Oct 21
I came across online Newton on Instagram and I enrolled myself for the counselling. It was a great experience and Mr. Tushar helped me a lot in choosing a suitable career option for me. I was really confused to make a choice but the psychometric test and his guidance helped me in getting sorted with the choice.
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