Are you making these mistakes while choosing a career?

Hey Friends,

Careers play a very important role in our lives.

You want to lead a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. To attain this your career will play a key role. No matter what your background is, but you want to upgrade the status of your families. No matter what your interests are, but you want to have a cheerful life spending time doing what you like to do. No matter what marks you get in the schools, you want to achieve BIG in life.

You choose a particular career because you hope and think that you can achieve the above with the right kind of career. But like most of them are you too making certain mistakes which will fail you in what you wanted to achieve? Are you making the same mistakes which your parents did when they chose their careers?

Mostly people choose careers like they choose potatoes and onions. Wait, yes, I am telling it again, potatoes and onions. But potatoes and onions last for a couple of days, at most a week. Careers are there to remain with you forever, most of your life, even after that. We remember successful people who changed their lives even when they are not alive.

When you plan to go for a holiday, you google a lot of options. You want the vacation to be a memorable one and meaningful. You want to cherish it forever. So, you do all the research possible at your disposals in choosing the place. You find out best hotels. You search out the places of importance for that place. You check the best food options there. You also check what activities are available there. Sometimes you check the kind of nightlife you can explore there. You choose the place if everything goes as per your interest and liking. You also want that all those going with you should also enjoy the days. You want to know how it will be when you are there.

 You want to ensure everything is perfect. When you take a vacation of a week or two so seriously, why do you take the careers so lightly.

You ask your parents, who are aware about limited career options. Sometimes they want you to do IT because the neighbor’s son did IT and now stays in the USA.

You want to become a lawyer because both of your parents are lawyers.

You get carried away with the news that one student of IIT received 1 crores package.

You choose maths science in high school because all in your night-out gang chooses these. You never try to find out if these options fit your liking.

Your friends say you are talkative, and you take it seriously. You choose a sales career. Your friends never told you that most of the time you talk nonsense. 

You start preparing for medical entrance without considering that you cannot even pass the Physics paper. Liking for Physics is inversely proportional to liking for Biology. You keep attempting NEET and fail every time. You waste years in preparation and do not consider options in medical field without the NEET.

You choose maths  and later repent that you do not understand trigonometry and calculus. The good marks in arithmetic and geometry confuse you and you fall in the trap.

Friends, when you decide upon a place for vacation, you get knowledge about what you are going to get there. You choose only after knowing fully well what its going to be there when you reach there. You do this research to ensure your 7 days are memorable. But you are not interested in making every day of a career meaningful and cherishing. 

Are you too making these mistakes? 

Tushar Berge

International Certified Career Coach

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