How to Stay Healthy and Fit with this superfood of January

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This is January and Makar Sankranti can be the best day to start something new. This is not just a day of cultural importance but is a day of celestial event. When The Sun starts his northward journey, so why not you and me start northwards in our career, life. And make success start from today.

So, I thought penning down my first blog today. I am a foodie, a certified nutritionist, a mom of two kids. You can expect something healthy, something tasty, something worthy eating options from me. I will write here for you and your family to stay healthy fit and happy. For your kids to stay strong and wise.

We have been eating Tilgul , an awesome combo of til ( sesame seeds) & gud ( jaggery), since our childhood. We eat it in different forms in India like a laddoo, a chikki, gajak, gur roti, til-papad, revdi, til-patti. I am sure you know all or some of these names. You make these things at home or your mom must be preparing these mouthwatering sweets for you. Remember that these are not so easy to make sweets and can be counted in delicacies.

So what, if we eat this combination. Have you ever thought why we eat these in January on an important day of Makar Sankranti? What is the cultural importance of this sweet? Well, let’s not get into all that. But do you know that Til and Jaggery both are super foods. And a combination of two superfoods makes 1 plus 1 not 2 but 11.

This mouth-watering food combo keeps you immune from many issues and helps to stay young and not let you grow old. Sesame seeds contain a bunch of minerals. Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, phytonutrients (omega 6 fatty acids), Vitamins E, B, B3, B6, dietary fibers, proteins to name a few. Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and hefty minerals like zinc, iron, selenium and is one of the most natural form of sweetener.

So, you can understand that the two are a killer food and health combination with an awesome taste that you already know.

Top20 Benefits of Tilgul and why you must eat this and go northwards in your life, career, and happiness.

  1. Improves bone health (reduces joint pain & arthritis, common during winters)
  2. Improves your metabolism and helps digesting fast in winters
  3. May help in diabetes if eaten with limited jaggery.
  4. Rich in antioxidants, so helps in controlling weight
  5. Improves immunity against certain viral and bacterial attacks
  6. May help in thyroid problems
  7. Helps in controlling hypertension
  8. Lowers cholesterol levels (improves heart health)
  9. Reduces inflammation
  10. Good for hair growth & helps stop hair fall
  11. Protects from cancer
  12. Great to keep your liver healthy
  13. Super source of energy and keeps you going on a busy day
  14. Improves oral health
  15. Has great anti-aging properties and will help you stay young for a long time
  16. Helps fight stress & depression, lowers anxiety
  17. Prevents anemia
  18. Keeps body warm during the winters of January
  19. Great for your skin health and keeps it glowing always
  20. Helps in PMS symptoms including mood swings, menstrual cramps, abdominal pains.

So now you know that this sweet prepared by your mom is not just mouthwatering but great on your health too. I told you already that moms are super and they know everything.

So friend enjoy and yesss “ Tilgul ghya God god bola” is said on this day in Marathi . It means enjoy tilgul and speak sweet always.


Certified Nutrition Coach

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