How to become a billionaire while enjoying your hobbies?

Friends, you must have read my last two blogs on how to make your hobbies a career. In the first part , I mentioned, which are the 10 hobbies which can offer you some great careers.

In the second part I mentioned 5 of the 10 hobbies. These were sports, music, writing, gaming and travelling. I a sure many of you connect with these hobbies. I mentioned how some additional skills can open doors to many high paying careers in these 5 hobbies.

You need to be sure about your hobbies and club it with some additional skills. Extra skills become important because then you can open up to a bigger world of high paying jobs.

For example, you love sports and are skilled in English language, you can become a sports blogger or sports journo or a sports marketing guy who is specialized in writing about a sport he or she loves. When I say high paying careers, I mean it with sports options within India and abroad. If you do a Career Coaching with me and sports is your Top 3 careers, I can tell you some 50 career options in sports.

So, friends let’s check the remaining 5 hobbies. These can make you billionaire one day if you are serious about your hobbies and making them a career.

6. Drawing- This is one subject we all study in schools. From sketching to painting to crafts, we learn from our school. If you think you love to draw and whenever you want to refresh yourself, you choose to draw, then go full throttle to a career related to drawing. Design is the most happening career today. You can choose your faculty like, product design, industrial design, dress design, leather design, interiors, web-design and many more. These are very interesting 4 year courses which are completely project based. They don’t have regular theory exams after each semester. People who are creative to the heart have great scope. Remember, Steve Jobs had said “ Apple is more about arts more than technology”. So you can imagine what is the scope and the bucks are really BIG.

7. Food—Now this is something we all love. We all need food to love. We all want to taste different kinds of foods. The sheer need and pleasure we all get while eating makes it the most in demand industry in the world. Become a chef, food blogger, food taster, tea tester, food technologist, dairy technologist, tour guide, food guide or a food journo. Start your own food joint from tea stall  to a multicuisine restra. If you love to eat and love to serve, there is no bigger industry for a career. Start your NGO and serve food to those who are underproviledged. NGOs are a great income source for the managers. Travel across the world , try different foods and write blogs and report for business houses. Mind it, these are very high paying jobs. Build up your food skills and sky is the limit.

8. Events—If you love to organize parties, get togethers or picnics, you have a great career waiting for you. Next time whenever there is a picnic planning discussion happens, check if you get the kick. If yes, just go for it as a career. There are a plenty of options and they need good professionals in this. From, party organizers to marriage planners, to caterers to exhibition management, you can choose what you enjoy. Something is happening all the ties and can fetch you big money if you are good at. Do the right courses, which I can tell you in a career coaching course with e and start off with a great future ahead.

9. Mimicry – Hey, do you remember, you used to copy all our teachers during breaks. Sometimes you got punished too for this. But if people enjoyed what you did, you know what you are made for. Become a stage artiste, singer, voiceover artist, RJ, VJ, or a director. There are many careers where you need to make different sounds. Don’t stop your hobby and one day you will be placed where you deserve to be. Become a news reader, an orator, an arts teacher, Entertainer. Start your freelance or an agency. People need you badly to get entertained. Train more people like you and grow big one day. There is no dearth of money.

10.—Solving Puzzles—Wow not that’s critical. Some people say, life is a puzzle, so what, you are an expert in solving them. Lawyers, IT, research, investigations, audits are great careers for those who enjoy solving puzzles. Take up a problem and simply take forward to solve it. You have to judge some extra skills required and enter the career.

So which one is your hobby?

Don’t stop at just answering this. Do something to make it a career and there is a big bank balance waiting for you.


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