Should We Choose Money Over Happiness?

Happiness achieved through a right career

Money cannot buy you happiness.

It’s to a certain extent more of a cliché now, but its essence remains unchanged no matter how many times we hear or utter this expression. But you do need money to buy you a Lamborghini. Riding it will make you forget your sorrows or worries for a while.

Well, that’s not entirely the case. If that would have been true, none of us would have witnessed rich people committing suicides or suffering from depression and anxiety. Many mental health problem patients stem from rich and influential families. The chaos we encounter daily due to inflation is only because certain individuals have preferred to make money out of the sufferings of others.

If money could buy happiness, and if this notion were true, every poor individual on this planet would have been gloomy, upset about how he would make ends meet. Or we can say that all of them might have ended their lives in any possible way to escape the harsh realities that life served them. Here again, we see the poor and needy to be among the most satisfied ones.

Choosing a career is more of an individual’s personal choice, rather than a rat race. Pounding towards what’s more financially rewarding shouldn’t be the norm. More and more parents are now aware of their responsibilities towards educating their children in letting them choose their career. Surely it should be some decent profession to enable them to win their bread and butter, but not at the cost of their happiness and satisfaction.

Energy flows where the heart goes.

 We have encountered several individuals who have ditched their 6-digit earning jobs to pursue what they love. Though that’s a very daring decision, they had the guts to follow their heart. Whatever the heart desires to accomplish, the whole body mechanism follows suit, that’s why they say energy flows where the heart goes.

Follow your inner voice. It won’t let you down. It’s what your heart desires. It is what will lead you to true satisfaction. Identify your skills and work towards polishing your skills. Choose a profession that resonates with your Intelligence and personality and skills. Not just something that will earn you big bucks. By not listening to your inner voice, you’re unfair to yourself and to all the people whom you will serve in the future because that’s a profession in which you will be unable to give your best output.

Blessed are the people whose passions become their professions. Ask any mentor from any field; he will second this opinion. The reason they can mentor millions is that they choose the path which was led by their heart.

You surely will have heard the case of a famous British cook who decided to bid farewell to his rewarding 6-digit salary for opening his bakery since baking was his passion for ages.

Another example is of an Asian man who is making big bucks by leaving his marketing job and joining the online world of graphic designing because that’s what he desired to do always, despite his postgraduate business degree.

It’s time for you to choose your future course because that’s where you will dwell for years to come. Choose wisely.

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