Happiness achieved through a right career

Relationship between Happiness and Right Career

Society often thrust a subtle message with a fundamental formula: Become successful by working hard, and then you’ll be happy.

I remember that I used to listen to it from teachers, parents, and even television ads. This way of thinking can become automatic after a while. We are used to thinking to ourselves that I will be happy when I graduate, when I get my dream Job, When I get a Lamborghini with my first 6 digit salary. Unfortunately, this basic formula is innate, that is likely to get broken. Therefore,

Choosing the right career is the most important step in everyone’s life. 

The career that you choose determines your overall happiness in life. You will regret it for your entire life if you choose a career in a field that is of no interest to you.

It is believed that happiness is achieved by doing something for a living that truly fascinates you and that you enjoy and care about.

You will easily get frustrated and unable to work according to your capacity if your job brings a lot of money but does not make you happy. Besides, a career in which you can have fun, you can do anything for it, you won’t mind a low salary, a windowless office or a lousy boss.            

The most consistent factor for career happiness is to have engaging work according to many studies. Different features vary among different jobs but engaging work is one of the dominant factors that determine career satisfaction.

Independence at the workplace is one of the other factors that determine happiness.

The majority of the people, particularly Millennia’s choose to have a certain extent of control over their jobs.   

One of the other determinants of career happiness is having a sense of completion. A lot of people are looking to feel involved in a company and want to be a part of a team though you may not admit. You will feel satisfied and happy by your contribution to the workplace as a team. Playing a major role in completing a project at the workplace is more important than a 6-digit paycheck where you did nothing for personal satisfaction.

Do you think that your company can give you this for you as now you know the factors of career happiness?

You are required to evaluate whether you are satisfied with your career or not. You must know that you need to change something if you continue to fear going to work every day.

Personal fulfillment and happiness is more important than the 6 digits salary.

 If a $20,000 job makes you feel unhappy and an $18000 job makes you feel happy, then your number one priority should be the one that makes you feel good.

Feeling satisfied and happy becomes effortless once you find out the career that you love. You will not only enjoy your working hours by choosing the right career but it also increases the chances of your promotion and makes you more productive.

Remember that choosing a career that makes you happy not only affects your working environment but also has a greater impact on your entire life. If you do not make it your number one priority, then the stress can lead you to depression and other mental health issues.

Overall, I conclude that personal fulfillment and happiness should be considered when looking for choosing a career.

Never forget that doing something that you love is one of the most important elements of a happy and successful life.

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