Wellness is more important

Think of wellness and health while choosing a career

Health is Wealth

I remember that I used to listen to it from teachers, parents, relatives, elders, and even friends. Many people give us this great idea about leading our life. It gives a clarity about what should be our priority in life. If there is good health, there is wealth or at least there are good chances to build a lot of wealth.

These are the same people who also tell us to work hard, challenge ourselves and build a career. It is told that this is the secret of making a lot of money. Many quotes are designed to inspire us to challenge our strengths.

Ask this question

Is it really required to do the difficult jobs, the tough assignments? Why can’t we just do the simple things or the easygoing jobs?

I know many people who have worked hard to achieve a position in a job as per their qualifications and as per the dreams or of their parents. They work tirelessly to get to these spots. Their hard work is amazing. We all know such people and they live around us.

But there is always a cost to get something in life. And if the cost of this is your wellness, is the achievement worthwhile?

We meet many people who suffer from lifestyle diseases like hypertension or diabetes or obesity and many more. The main reason behind all these is the stress that people take while long working hours, or irregular eating habits or incorrect eating habits or stressful days and sleepless nights. This happens due to their urge of making money and an ambitious career. Their being busy with the career takes a toll on their wellness. 

Studies suggest that these lifestyle problems, which used to occur at a later age, say after 60, some 3 decades ago, are now a big cause of worry to many young people, even in their 30s.

This is happening due to unnecessary stress that happens due to ambitions and career goals that people take up. And believe me most of these goals are mindless goals without knowing their natural and inherent strengths. These people can achieve much more than this if they choose the right career.

Why stress happens?

When we do something which we do not enjoy doing. Or, when we need to put efforts beyond our capacities, or when we fear not getting something if we don’t complete these tasks. This is the cause of many  wellness and health related issues in the younger lot.

Earning $80000 is of no use if it reduces your life by 5 years or 10 years. The Lamborghini that you can buy with this can be bought at a lesser salary also if planned properly. 

Getting to a position in a job or in a company can give that kick for a while, but is it worth it? It demands your crucial years of our life under constant stress to get there. If you must compromise your health, your wellness, then well, not.

Its important that we all remain healthy. It is more important to remain healthy for your family, for all those who are dependent on you. The society deserves to be given back too. Its important that we remain healthy so that we can accomplish things, that we need to accomplish, for those who love us more than anything else. They love us more than the things we buy for them with the money we earn.

More than anything else, we need to remain healthy for ourselves, to discover the new in us every day and lead a fulfilling life. Our wellness is supreme.  

Choosing the right career is the most important step in everyone’s life.

Choose a career as per your inner voice. The inner voice always shows us the right path. Choose a career that you can enjoy throughout your life. Choose a career which keeps you natural, always.

Its not required to choose difficult tasks, jobs. If you listen to your inner voice, your natural strengths, you will always choose the right thing. The job, however tiring or tough it may look to others, will be easy going to you.

You can acquire all the wealth in life if your career keeps you healthy.

Wellness is important

After all Health is Wealth, and so many people have taught us.

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