Hostel Life- 10 reasons you will miss it for sure

Hostel Life, there are many reasons you will always miss. Yes whether you have ever stayed in a hostel or not, this part you will always miss. Ask those who stayed or tell hostel stories to those who never, both will say they miss it or missed it. Though it does not give you a career path, yet it increases your chances to succeed into whichever career you may choose.

Life is full of endless possibilities. Our decisions, no matter how small, leave their mark and shape our persona.  As a new hostel-goer, you get to see life from the perspective of an individual after years of living with your family. A glimpse into this way of life is extremely valuable since it teaches one things one could never otherwise learn. The first time your family leaves you in a hostel, the experience is overwhelming. Over time, however, and as hostel life becomes your life, you long for all those wonderful moments and wonderful memories that you will never get back. Partying out late, the 3 AM Maggi, playing tricks on your friends, and that first love, not bathing for days and wearing the same tees for weeks, there’s so much to enjoy. 

As someone who spent four unforgettable years in a hostel, I can attest to that. As I see it, Hostel life brings many dramatic changes in one’s personality and I am not alone in this. There is plenty of scientific evidence to support hostel life.

As if by a mold, hostel life changes you from one person to another. You learn invaluable lessons which, if applied correctly, can provide you with immense success in life. The hostel life teaches us so many lessons about life, so today we will discuss a few of them.

You learn about different cultures

Some Mumbaikars, a few Delhiites, a Chennaiite, one Punjabi, playing cards in the hostel common room, talking, and going out together. Nothing like this is possible anywhere else! Hostels are a melting pot of diverse cultures, full of open-minded people who are happy to meet people from all over the world and share stories about their lives.People who look and are completely different from each other , like  the north east to the down south gel easily with those from the small town of Indore and a cosmo like Bangalore. And if you have a few expats then it takes this diversity to a whole new level.

 You can learn so much about other cultures by talking to people living in a hostel, as well as how they are different from your own. You start appreciating and respecting their value system and their culture. You start realizing that yours is not the only best culture. You become more accommodating and accepting. This helps you adapt new things in life . leave the worst and adapt the best.

You learn to be considerate of others’ space

A hostel is a very close-knit community. You learn to organize your belongings and give every person (however tiny) their place. Hostels allow only limited personal space, so you learn to be polite and not do anything that will take over the room or invade another person’s personal space. However you also learn sharing space. The mate who is punished for a week and asked to  leave the hostal now sleeps in your room and you share your pillow with. He uses your tooth paste and sometimes the burmoodas too. You happily give him your bath soap.

You learn mob Psychology

Every so often, one of the students at the hostel mess begins to clap and sing happy birthday and is joined by everyone one by one. The cafeteria is quickly filled with songs. Oftentimes, people sing along just because they’re with everyone else, without knowing who they’re singing for. It is called mob mentality.

You can think of mob mentality as the tendency for people to adopt behavior due to the influence of crowds and large groups of people. It isn’t always serious, but it can be, depending on the situation. It can mean anything from watching the latest Netflix show everyone’s raving about to intentionally adapting yourself to fit in. Due to constantly being around large groups of people, hostel life develops a mob mentality that, on the positive side, cultivates strong feelings of unity and solidarity. 

Improved study environment

In India or other areas, hostels and boarding schools provide one of the best learning environments. There are even the best minds at your disposal that you can consult in case you need assistance in your studies.

 If a topic or subject is difficult to understand, you can ask for help from your fellow hostel participants. Hostels are also quite popular for group-study for exams. Obtaining notes, additional books, and model tests are popular as well.

You learn to stop complaining

Shortage of money, Unpalatable hostel food,  Power outages in the summer, hot water shortages in winter, you become accustomed to it and develop the skills for adapting to a variety of conditions.

The unappetizing food of hostel mess makes you more immune to flavorless foods. As for others, they’re all in the same boat, so no one cares what you have or don’t have. As a result, you make the most of your resources. You learn to maintain a calm demeanor without moaning or complaining. Adaptation is a natural process.

You stop taking your mom for granted. You start valuing their love for you. You stop complaining because you experience the worst food and least pampering mates around you.

You learn how to micromanage your finances

It teaches you a lot to be away from home. Living away from home and living independently makes you appreciate the value of money, Even a 10 Rupees note is worth its weight in gold when it comes to getting two documents photocopied. On a monthly budget, you tend to spend your money wisely until the month ends. This is the first lesson you learn when you stay in a hostel for the first time. Your sense of value and your ability to plan both improve.

When you do everything for yourself, you develop a sense of discipline. Hostels are hated largely because of the rules they must follow. There is a strict timetable that you must follow strictly, right down to going to bed at a certain time and eating at a certain time. As time passes, you’ll automatically fall into a pattern once you’re alone.

In hostels, you don’t need a reason to have fun

Throughout your hostel life, you will be a part of a lot of freestyle and unstructured jam sessions, random dance parties, uninvited birthday parties and, whatnot. Dance parties with no one to impress will be super fun, and might even include some hard drinks (snuck in). Getting up for classes the next morning will be a challenge, but you will have to do it. Low attendance means your parents will get a notice if you “bunk” classes probably not a good situation. Knocking doors at mid night of those studious mates is a great fun. You visit their rooms at times most crutial to them and disturb thrir studies right in the mid of exams. Pull legs of the most introvert guy and suddenly have fun with the most extrovert. Every hostal has a baba who gives you gyan every weekend and then you get the tea and samosas in exchange.

You will never forget your birthdays in the hostel

There is nothing quite as memorable as a birthday celebration in a hostel. On a friend’s birthday, she or he is left alone after 7 pm as everyone else is decorating for the party. At midnight, they start ringing birthday bells to mark the occasion. 1,2,3.. Your friends count out loud up to the age you are. Then your friends will start tossing you around and knocking you out with sleepers.  Then you have to throw them a party.

The most important thing you learn on your special day is that you’re not the most important person on the planet. Being away from parents and family humbles you.  The past becomes a thing of the past. Life is about moving on. We all feel cheated and trampled from time to time in life.  Bad things take a long time to fade from your memory. Your life revolves around how you imagine it. The hostel teaches you that even though you think you’re the most important person around, you’re not. You become humble.

With all the above life experiences, you definitely become a better human being and this increases your chances of success in whatever career you choose.  All in all, You will certainly cherish the memories of living in a hostel for years to come. And yes you will miss it whether you stayed in one or no.

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  1. Rajeev Apte August 28, 2021 at 10:10 pm

    Who could agree more than me 🙂 Having shared stayed together in hostel during college days and afterwards while working.

    Very well articulated and lists so many things we learn unknowingly. Lessons for life are learned during stay and they form/shape the person that you eventually become.


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