10 best fun jobs around

Hey guys! Ever wondered that your hobby can actually get you paid!! Hmm!!

Well yes!! if you are really serious about your hobbies and want to pursue them throughout your life.

I have always heard people complaining about their boring jobs, their stressful jobs. I never asked them to join their particular job. They often say” I have no time for fun” or “I don’t find time for my hobby” or “it has been ages that I have tried a new song, there is no time left after my days of hard work at the office”.

Yes, this is a genuine complaint and I appreciate their grievance. People who work in corporates & MNCs particularly have this complaint. Many expert trainings on work life balance, even, does not seem to resolve this issue. 

What is the purpose of a career?

Off course to earn money and lead a good life. But where is the “good” if you have no time for fun with your family or you friends. And what about your hobbies, where are they, lost in the 9 to 6 schedule of the work which pays you for your bread and butter but no fun. Even if you earn $$$ and drive a high-end sedan, you are lost.

While planning a career, you generally forget this aspect of life. You completely ignore your hobbies and passions.

Its always worthwhile to do a self-assessment while planning a career. Ask the below questions to yourself.

  • Which tasks, duties, projects, etc. do I most enjoy during school or work?
    • Which tasks make time feel like it goes by quickly?
    • Which activity keeps me fresh always as fresh as I was before starting the activity?
    • Which activity gives me most happiness and a sense of fulfillment?
    • Are there any values, missions that I strongly feel about?

Its okay if the answers, you don’t feel related to a job or work directly, but they can help you guide you take a sensible call.

For example, if you enjoy organizing get togethers of friends or school picnics, it might be worthwhile to find roles and responsibilities for organizing events for employees in the HR of a company. Well that may sound inadequate, but it gives an opportunity.

So here are the 10 hobbies for which people are ready to pay you and the fun comes free with the job.

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Writing
  • Video Games
  • Travelling
  • Food and Beverage
  • Drawing & Painting & Crafts
  • Picnics and Get together arrangements
  • Mimicry and acting
  • Puzzles and Sudoku

So Guys, ask the above questions to yourselves. Do a self-assessment and find out which of the above 10 is your hobby, your passion, something you want to pursue throughout your life. What is the one activity above which gives you a lot of happiness?

 Still wondering if someone will pay you for these. Wait for my next blog.

Till such time introspect.

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