Do you ever wonder why some people succeed while others struggle even with the same qualifications?  Well those who succeed keep themselves updated with the relevant skills.  

With the onset of 2022, many credible organizations are predicting the trending skills for work in 2022. These predicted skills resonate with the Fourth Industrial Revolution which reflects a shift in the way we work mainly due to the huge advancements in technology. As we move further towards the end of 2021 and beyond, this pace of technological revolution is expected to span across all job sectors. 

Humans will need to;

  • consistently adapt to new cutting edge technologies
  • work with a colossal amount of data
  • be more flexible in the way they work as technology will allow them to do whatever they want from virtually anywhere
  • adapt to working with Artificial Intelligence which will eradicate many of the jobs we do now
  • adapt to data being virtually moved in the clouds; like iCloud or other kinds of clouds

This might seem a far cry for many, but do you remember how life was like during the Covid lockdown, and how we functioned through it? How did you progress through schools even though they were shut down? Was it a virtual classroom you attended or an educational app you used? How many of us used Zoom or House Party to socialize? Likewise, how many people you know worked from home on laptops instead of physically attending their offices?

All of this learning, socializing, and working from home were made possible due to the advancements in technology. Moreover, we have come to know that working remotely or virtually is possible now, even on a global scale. Consequently, new digital working practices will shape up now and they are surely here to stay. The Covid lockdown has brought us at par with these advancements and allowed us a sneak peek into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Now that I have set the stage, let us take a look at the top skills needed for 2022. Followed by the citation of the skill, I have given a brief mention of how to know if you possess the skill or how you can further develop it.

Top skills needed for 2022

1. Analytical thinking and innovation:

If you can break problems into smaller fragments and take a step-by-step approach to solve them then you are an analytical thinker. You are also the one who can quickly solve complicated problems and come up with innovative ideas.

There are several subjects at school which use these skills like design and technology, computer science, art and design, and math. Or you might have done a project at home like building the backyard wall or renovating your car which hint at your analytical thinking approach.


2. Active learning:

If you want to excel in the future and make good use of technological advancements then you have to set your hands on lifelong learning.


This can include learning something new like playing the guitar, taking sewing classes, using an app to learn a new language like Mandarin, South Korean, Arabic, or Spanish. In school or at home you might have excelled learning strategies which might have worked out for you. This can include some work skills too like learning advanced excel or video editing or content writing or vedic math or Tally or may be 3D Drawing or coral draw.


3. Programming and IT:

This skill is most relevant for certain jobs in the IT and digital sectors. Knowing that this sector is one of the fastest-growing networks in the world might encourage you to take up an IT-related qualification or certification in school. Remember it’s never too late to join the bandwagon. It can be as simple as using the computer or mobile according to your needs without depending on external help. Businesses are getting automated and people need to learn new systems like SAP, ERP or MIS or customer engagement systems. So you must know how the computer systems work. Make yourself comfortable with your PC or Tablet or your mobile as a professional.


4. Critical thinking and analysis:

you need to be observant to think critically. See what is going on around you, be able to interpret the true meaning of things like what is being said, be reflective which means taking a step back to evaluate your actions and think through things, be analytical and be able to clearly explain yourself. If you can think critically you will be able to make better decisions. Can you evaluate a situation from all the different perspectives? Can you visualize the “for and against “of any subject?


If you had to present an argument from a particular viewpoint in any subject like English or History at school, or you like debating with others, also if you made any complicated or tough decisions in schools like choosing subjects for your high school admission evidence shows that you are a critical thinker and analyst.

5. Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence

It is a matter of common observation that people with high EI are empathetic towards others, know when to say and what to say, appreciate opinions different from theirs, and can deal with difficult situations. Emotionally intelligent people can also manage their emotions, health, and well-being at all stages in life. They also show resilience, which is a rare trait in these uncertain times.

You know you are emotionally intelligent by looking at things you do for other people or knowing what people think about you. Moreover, you are the one who others look towards in their time of need to lean on or seek support. You can also have a strong set of social values which are on display or you prefer to volunteer specific hours every week at charities that matter to you.

With technology, humans are going to interact less with each other and so the quality of interaction is becoming important. A human touch of yours will do miracles in the coming times.

6. Complex problem solving:

Complex Problems Solving Skill

Complex problems are those that are hard to define or are just too massive to deal with on our own. For example, how do we deal with widespread hunger globally or climate change? Complex problems solvers who come up with new ideas are highly knowledgeable. Most importantly they can work with others and share their ideas and come up with solutions to decipher massive problems. Many startups are coming up with an intention to solve the big problems and they need people with similar strengths. 

Your ability to solve complex problems might have become evident during a high school group project when as a team you had to conclude to solve a problem. Similarly, away from school you might have been a member of the scout or cadet team and had done some team orienting sessions.

7. Effective communication:

One of the most valuable skills for 2022. The world has shrunk as there are millions of medium with infinite amount of users on them. Without having apt communication skills, they will not realize the hidden potential that is untapped. They must know how to communicate on a video call, email or WhatsApp or on a simple voice call to clearly get through.

Due to the Covid lockdown, many of us have become accustomed to live video calls, and feeling the comfort to face a live camera for communication is another workable aspect. This is the new normal and everyone must get familiarized to it.

You are being watched on social media, on FB on Instagram , on LinkedIn or even WhatsApp. You are being evaluated. These are the mediums which are building a brand of yours. Hiring managers too check your pages to understand you better and to find what you stand for.

You possess good communication skills if you understand others better and quickly instead of feeling frustrated or misunderstood.


Besides the aforementioned skills, there are other skills like leadership and social influence, reasoning, problem-solving and ideation, system analysis and evaluation, creativity, originality, and initiative seeking skills. No matter what your innate skills are, you can further them and put them to good use in the coming year. Skills more than qualifications with keep you on top of the career game. Learn and upskill in 2022.

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