How your hobby can make you a billionaire

Top 10 Hobbies that can earn you a handsome paycheck & the fun is free.

Guys, I wrote in my last article that there are so many career options which can be derived from your hobbies. And if you really enjoy those hobbies, you really find fun in those, they can pay you back a lot. I really mean a lot.

The best part of having such a profession is that you don’t need to find time for your hobbies separately. If you choose these professions, you will never complain about work-life balance. You will be always happy and will be stress free.

I listed down 10 common hobbies people generally have. Or you can say activities they enjoy doing most and would like to do daily throughout their lives.

You can go through all the hobbies or select the one which is your favorite and check what career options are there. Trust me if you are good at then sky is the limit in these options. You will never stop counting your income.

In this blog, I have covered 5 of the 10.


If you are a Sportsman, either individual sports or team. If you are not able to play as a professional, don’t worry, you can mix up other skills with your passion and pursue several careers in sports. Some of these are Coach (not necessarily a good sportsman), Sports Blogger, Sports Manager, Team Manager, Sports Marketing, Sports Psychologist, Sports Physiologist, Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer. You need to be passionate for a sport to take up these. There are dozens of Sports Management colleges with high placement records. If not in India go overseas.


You if are a great singer, well there is no limit. Else Try becoming a composer, lyricist, Audio Engineer, DJ, RJ, Celebrity Manager, Music Teacher, Mixing Engineer, Voiceover Artist, Recording Engineer, Music Arranger, Music Editor, Music Publicist, Music Producer, Music Therapist, Record Store Manager, Music Marketing, Accompanist, Freelance Band. Off course you must mix up your other skills and constantly build your skills to be successful. Join the Celebrity Music schools, not costly for your passion.


If you enjoy writing poems, or jingles or stories, you can try your skills in some of the sought-after professions. Become a novelist, Copywriter, content writer, join Marketing Team or a marketing guru, or a trainer, write blogs for your own ideas or write for others. Bloggers get as high as 5k per blog after 3/ 4 years of experience in certain niches. There are many marketplaces where people can find you and pay you. Content is the king in today’s digital world and if you are a smart writer, you can be a billionaire soon.


While kids love playing games and know already how to make money online while going up levels and compete online. While that’s for the high skilled gamers. Find great fun jobs in Theme parks, gaming centers or activity arenas. Build arcade games. Your coding skills can make you a game developer or you can use gamifications in whatever you do. Play every career like a gamer and see you can reach anywhere on the top so soon. Gaming is after all an attitude.


Woww now that is one activity I also enjoy. Moving around unknown streets or places of interests, backpacks and AIRBNB , trying local cuisines, exploring different cultures, are some of the things you enjoy, then  there is no dearth of great careers. From Cabin Crew to Merchant Navy, to a Tour Agent, to a Tour Guide a Travel Manager, to a Destination Manager, Travel Blogger to a Travel Journo. Shift to a tourist place of your choice and do all the above for that place.  Get the right skillsets, right qualifications, learn a few more languages and you can sky-rocket your bank account with the activity you enjoy the most. Many companies are there in these businesses already, join them.

So guys, which one is your hobby?

If not in this list wait for the remaining 5 in the next blog.

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