Top 11 Careers for Mathematics students

Math is a scary subject for many whereas many people are in love with this subject. Whether you like it or not, but math is the foundation of all sciences and technology and too many fields including healthcare, economics, data sciences.

Mathematics is the base of creativity and if you are good in it and enjoy this subject, there is a great possibility that you will do good in many other faculties like arts and music too. It increases the speed with which you think. Mathematics makes you an objective person and expertise in this subject gives you opportunity to explore careers which are required to take objective decisions.

However it’s a tricky thing when it comes to Mathematics, if you are a student in class 9 th and 10th ,Looking at marks you may think that you are good in this subject. But when you go in class 11th and 12th, a new chapter of Mathematics is introduced to you. You get to learn coordinate geometry, calculus, Mensuration with calculation and geometry , and many new concepts which are completely different than what you have known Mathematics for.

Below are few questions which you can ask yourself to know if you are made for mathematics.    

Are you a math person? Answer lies in the below questions. Ask yourself.

Do you get excited and energized when you see a lot of numbers?

Do you get sleepless nights until you solve a problem at hand?

Are you always looking for solution of problems including in real life? You don’t give up easily?

Do You like speed and accuracy in reaching towards a solution?

Do you love it when someone talks logically with data?

Do you hate irrational and illogical people?

Do you like to talk everything in a logical way with data?

If answer to all these questions is yes, yeeee you are there….You are the one who loves math.


There are a huge number of careers today for people who are good in numbers and are able to apply principles of math in real life situations. Following are some of the top ones and yes Engineering and IT are not included in these. With a degree in Math Majors you can do a lot and earn a lot too. So do a B Sc or M Sc in Mathematics as a major and move ahead in life.For other choices you can connect

So below are the TOP11 career options for Mathematics students.

Career What do they Do? Where do they work? How to become ?
Statistician   Virat is the third most successful captain after Saurav and M S Dhoni. How can we say this? This is arrived with after a lot of data crunching and then presented in the form of numbers, graphs, and pictures. The people who do this are called statisticians. They develop methods of collecting data, analyze them and present them in a conclusive manner. This is then utilized for taking decisions by whosoever wants them. They are required everywhere in population, healthcare, businesses, crime, polls, surveys, marketing data, MIS ,  almost everywhere.   Step 1- Graduate in Mathematics/ Statistics   Step2- PG in Statistics   Step 3 Ph D  
Data Analyst/ Business Analyst/ Big Data Analyst   Data analysts work with data. This can be sales data, consumer service, logistics costs, demographics, or internet usage behavior. They use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help businesses investigate complex issues, identify and address inefficiencies, and make strategic, data-driven business decisions. They frequently use statistical tools to interpret data sets and prepare reports for executive leadership that effectively communicate business trends, patterns, and predictions. They must deal with lot of numbers Any aspect of any business which generates lot of data. Sales, Logistics, consumer behavior, anything Step1- Graduation in Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering   Step 2- PG in Data Analytics/ Business Analytics/ Business Analysis   Some certifications are also possible
Data Scientist Data Scientists possess industry-specific knowledge along with an ace in technical and programming skills. They write highly complex algorithms to bring large amounts of data together. Depending upon the output given by a data scientist, a company plans its business strategy and its plans. Data Science is an emerging career option in the present age. It’s a highly rewarding career options for those who can understand data and create meaning out of it. For the math lovers. The biggest high- tech companies to medium-sized firms need data scientists to make future predictions about the business based upon the data. The demand is going to increase in the coming future. Step1- Graduation in Mathematics or statistics with programing skills   Step2- PG in Data Sciences/ Mathematics/ Statistics
Actuary Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty using math, statistics, and financial theory. They also help businesses and clients develop policies to minimize the cost of those risks. Actuaries are essential to the insurance industry and must be experts in advanced statistics and modeling software, mathematics, and business. Actuarial Science is one of the most popular courses among those who have a knack for numbers, statistics and data. It is a field with immense scope if you have the right set of skills and analytical abilities. According to the IAI, there are only 9182 students, 160 associates, and 344 fellows in India. The demand for qualified Actuaries is much higher than their supply and hence, the average salary in this field is quite high. Designing financial policies and monitoring if there are enough funds in the company. Determining the rate of interest to be given to customers for insurance policies. Keeping a check on insurance risks to minimize losses. Predicting the occurrence of various illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, etc., among different groups, to incorporate these risks when designing insurance policies. Assessing risk for the financial planning of the company.   Step1- Graduate in Mathematics/ Economics/ Statistics   Step2- clear the Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET) followed by Actuarial Science stages (15 in total).
Blockchain Developer Blockchain can be defined as a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. In simple terms, we can consider any record within Blockchain technology as a document shared with a group of people (computers/servers that also known as blocks). The document is distributed instead of copied or transferred. This creates a decentralized distribution chain in a way and the involved record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. Blockchain Technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies for keeping the record of financial transactions and properties safe.  Any industry where there is large data. digital advertising: cybersecurity Forecasting: cloud storage Healthcare Sector: Logistics, Financial sector, real- estate, basically anywhere where requirement of data safety is important Step1- Graduation in Mathematics/ Engineering   Step2- Certification in Blockchain Skills like Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, and Ethereum
Economist Economists monitor economic trends and make forecasts by researching, collecting, and analyzing data. They focus on topics such as inflation, taxes, interest rates, employment levels, exchange rates, and even how buyers make purchase decisions (a sub-field called Behavioral Economics). Economists study the production and distribution of goods, resources, and services by collecting and analyzing data, researching trends, and evaluating economic issues Economists make contribution to a wide range of fields including Finance, Development, Education, Agriculture, Business, Environment, Politics, etc. Economics theories are expressed as mathematical and statistical models, Mathematics is an indispensable tool for an Economist. Step1- Graduation in Economics/ Mathematics   Step2- PG in Economics   Step3- Ph D in economics
Banker A Banker, as you can guess, is a term used to denote a person employed by a banking institution. He/she is the one responsible for managing the bank by handling all the financial transactions.   Banking professionals have to deal with a lot of numbers and having a background in mathematics will surely help you in this sector. Banking is one of the preferred career options for math students. Currently, India has 27 public sector banks and 93 commercial banks, all of which focus on providing the best services to their customers.  Step1- Graduation in Math   Step2- PG in Math   Step2- MBA Banking/ Finance/ skills in blockchain, AI, Data   Step3- Entrance exams for Banks
Operations Research Analyst We have all done some online shopping before or boarded a flight at an airport. How e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart manage their transportation, product inventories, scheduling of deliveries to different cities, all refer to as operations. Even the way flights are scheduled at an airport to facilitate smooth functioning is an example of operations. The professionals responsible for solving complex problems dealing with the efficient allocation of resources such as material, workers, machines, time and money are called Operations Researchers. They apply mathematical techniques to improve business strategies and operations.    distribution, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, inventory management, scheduling, retail, consumer services Step-1 Graduation in Mathematics   Step2- MBA Operations    
Market Researcher Market Research involves collection of data in a systematic and objective manner through primary research or secondary research, to analyze the target market, competition or environment. It can be carried in two ways: Quantitative research, which is gathered through survey and questionnaires. Here the researcher focuses on coming up with numbers, example- what percentage of the population buys a particular product. Qualitative research gets behind the facts and figure to find how people feel about a particular product. Researchers take interview, use questionnaires and interpret the result.   Any kind of mass research like Product, Consumer, packaging, pricing, advertising, sales, distribution, policy, motivation, market, media research etc Step1- Graduation in mathematics   Step2- MBA in Market Research/ Marketing
Mathematician Mathematics is deeply involved in our daily life. From cell phones to medical devices to TV to defense equipment to scooters to telescopes. Continuous research is required in Mathematics to solve the complex problems as we want to constantly make our lives comfortable. Mathematicians are involved in extensive research in mathematical problems either theoretical or applied Mathematics. This research is then applied to the development of various technologies and techniques.  The work on the current work being carried out in the field of mathematics.  Mathematicians are experts in mathematical theories and algorithms. Theoretical mathematicians are concerned with developing new theories and critiquing previous principles. Applied Mathematicians, on the other hand, use the same theories and techniques to solve practical problems in various domains such as Business, Astronomy, Climate Study, Robotics, Defense, Biology and Genetics, Finance, etc. Step1- Graduation in Mathematics   Step2- PG in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics   Step3- Ph D in Mathematics
Mathematics Teacher Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences. Understanding of mathematics is very important for any child development. Mathematics is supposed to be a very scary subject in schools and beyond to many students. If you feel you have great teaching methodologies of your own and can help students, there is nothing better than being a Mathematics Teacher School, Colleges, Coaching Institutes, online, Vedic Mathematics etc Step1- Graduation in Mathematics/ Engineering   Step2- PG in Mathematics   Step3 Ph D

So you now know so many options where you are needed if you love Mathematics and you can add value to your employer or customers.

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